Youth Sector

Gordana Cekova

tel.02/ 3 126 270


The youth sector performs activities related to the spheres of interest and needs of the young population in the country and the recognition of the role of young people in the development of the Republic of North Macedonia, as a positive driving force and promoter of new values of society and state, adhering to the National Strategy. youth which defines the following priorities for action of state institutions and youth associations of citizens:

  • social development and social integration of young people through quality formal and non-formal education; 
  • economic development of young people through youth entrepreneurship; 
  • improving the quality of life of young people; 
  • active participation of young people in public life and decision-making processes at national and local level.

The youth sector performs its duties, responsibilities and tasks in both departments:

  • Department of Youth Policy and Training 
  • Department for International Cooperation

Functions of the Youth Sector

  • development of an active education policy, which will respond to the needs of youth, society and global social and technical-technological development
  • promoting equal opportunities for education and cultural awareness of young people in order to encourage their personal development and development in the community; 
  • recognition, support and development of non-formal education and its providers; 
  • establishing a balance and cooperation between education and training with the labor market (supply and demand) and the development of new technologies; 
  • integration of young people in the work process, regardless of socio-cultural background; 
  • Establishing a partnership between state bodies and the private sector in the field of youth employment; 
  • raising the level of quality of life of young people by using their free time in useful and socio-educational activities and their formation as responsible and active citizens; 
  • Fostering youth awareness of family values and care and solidarity in the community and society; 
  • distribution and access to information and education of young people in order to protect their health; 
  • Coordinated approach to the state and the NGO sector for the protection of young people and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

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