World Category Scholarship

The Agency for Youth and Sports in accordance with Article 50 of the Law on Sports (“Official Gazette of RM” no. 29/02, 66/04, 81/08, 18/11, 51/11 and 64/12), performs verification of world-class sportsmen.

Senior sportsmen, citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, based on the results achieved in a certain period of time, acquire the sports category: World category sportsman.

Once acquired, the sports category has a lifelong character and belongs to the sportsman for life as a title. Sportsmen acquire the sports category based on the results achieved in official competitions, national championships, European and world championships, world university championships and summer and winter Olympic Games. When determining the sports category, only the results achieved at official international competitions that are in the calendar of European and world associations and national championships are evaluated. The sports results achieved by the sportsmen in senior competition, more precisely the criteria and criteria are determined in the Rulebook for categorization of the sportsmen from the Republic of Macedonia (“Official Gazette of RM” no. 51/02 and 50/04).

The national sports federations are obliged to submit complete documentation on time for the proposed candidates for categorized sportsmen.

World class athlete:

  1. Ivo Cvetkovski – Karate
  2. Ardita Iseni Rizni – Karate
  3. Ognen Gruevski – Karate
  4. Natasha Ilievska – Karate
  5. Zharko Arsovski – Karate
  6. Primislav Dimovski – Boxing
  7. Says Mumin – Boxing
  8. Martin Nestorovski – Karate
  9. Dimitar Mirakovski – Basketball
  10. Vlado Ilievski – Basketball
  11. Bo Lester McCalebb – Basketball
  12. Vojdan Stojanovski – Basketball
  13. Damjan Stojanovski – Basketball
  14. Marko Simonovski – Basketball
  15. Todor Gechevski – Basketball
  16. Pero Antic – Basketball
  17. Ivica Dimcevski – Basketball
  18. Gjorgji Cekovski – Basketball
  19. Predrag Samardziski – Basketball
  20. Darko Sokolov – Basketball
  21. Andrej Stojanoski – Swimming championships for the hearing impaired persons
  22. Berat Jakupi – Karate
  23. Emil Pavlov – Karate
  24. Olivera Nakovska Bikova – Archery
  25. Igor Stefanovski – Automobilism
  26. Zoran Ristovski – Cycling