Artificial rock for sport climbing

The artificial rock for sport climbing consists of a central part for speed competition at elevation of 11m, left wall for weightlifting at elevation of 16m and right wall for weightlifting and ceiling for weightlifting.

The artificial rock will have an area of 305 m2. The area where the sports climbers will climb will be made of GRP relief triangular panels on which are placed wedges for sports climbing. The construction of the artificial rock is a lattice steel spatial structure.

35 sports halls

The opportunities offered by these facilities have proven to be not always sufficient because they are too few for 24-hours terms to meet the demands of the various mass forms of sports and recreational industries.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia, through the Program for construction of sports theatres, wants to alleviate the situation of deficit of sports facilities and to create basic conditions for strategically profiled proper development of the youth in the Republic of Macedonia.

50 auxiliary football fields

On the other hand, football content, especially lately, is a form that profiles an existential and professional way of solving life’s temptations.
Taking into account the experiences and results of the strategic approach of several countries through sports disciplines to solve enormous problems of occurrence of vices, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the Agency for Youth and Sports invests in construction of 50 auxiliary football fields with funds provided by the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

100 tennis courts

The tennis courts will be located in the direction north-south, with a solid base for outdoor sports courts certified by the International Tennis Federation ITF.
The terrains will be with infrastructure connections, fenced with wire net and around them there will be an access path made of concrete pavers. In addition, they can be used in the evening because they will be lightened with floodlights.

100 multipurpose playgrounds

For the development of mass sports and sports for all, the best way to create conditions is through the construction of multipurpose playgrounds. The multipurpose playgrounds will be made available to all citizens for sports, recreation and competition. The playgrounds can be used around the clock and will be a place for gathering and socializing of the young generations, as well as a basis for creating healthy youth and excellent prevention of the vices of modern living. The playgrounds will be equipped with sports equipment and equipment for football, basketball, handball and other sports. They will be fenced and lit for sports and matches at night.