Artificial rock for sport climbing

The artificial rock for sport climbing consists of a central part for speed competition at elevation of 11m, left wall for weightlifting at elevation of 16m and right wall for weightlifting and ceiling for weightlifting.

The artificial rock will have an area of 305 m2. The area where the sports climbers will climb will be made of GRP relief triangular panels on which are placed wedges for sports climbing. The construction of the artificial rock is a lattice steel spatial structure.

The auxiliary rock – the boulder has an area of 58m2 and will be composed of 5 different rocks per profile all with the same height of 4.80m. Also this type of rock will be made of steel spatial structure covered with GRP relief panels with wedges for sport climbing.

The auxiliary building has an area of 78m2 and contains warm-up rooms for sportsmen, bathrooms for sportsmen and public WCs.