50 auxiliary football fields

On the other hand, football content, especially lately, is a form that profiles an existential and professional way of solving life’s temptations.

Taking into account the experiences and results of the strategic approach of several countries through sports disciplines to solve enormous problems of occurrence of vices, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the Agency for Youth and Sports invests in construction of 50 auxiliary football fields with funds provided by the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

With a Conclusion of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Agency for Youth and Sports is obliged to build the auxiliary football fields in the ownership of the Municipalities.

The project for the auxiliary football fields consists of: location with dimensions 120×80 which includes a football field with dimensions 105×68 with accompanying facilities dressing rooms, stands, fence and lighting.

The project “50 Auxiliary football fields” is envisaged, part is under construction, and part has already been put into use in the following municipalities:

• Aerodrom

• Gazi Baba

• Gorche Petrov

• Ilinden

• Saraj

• Berovo

• Bitola

• Bosilovo

• Valandovo

• Vasilevo

• Veles

• Vrapchishte

• Gevgelija

• Gostivar

• Gradsko

• Zhelino

• Zajas

• Karbinci

• Kichevo

• Krushevo

• Lozovo

• Мakedonski Brod

• Mogila

• Negotino

• Novo Selo

• Pertovec

• Prilep

• Probishtip

• Radovish

• Rankovce

• Resen

• Rosoman

• Sveti Nikole

• Staro Nagorichane

• Struga

• Tearce

• Tetovo

• Cheshinovo – Obleshevo

• Chashka

• Shtip