35 sports halls

The opportunities offered by these facilities have proven to be not always sufficient because they are too few for 24-hours terms to meet the demands of the various mass forms of sports and recreational industries.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia, through the Program for construction of sports theatres, wants to alleviate the situation of deficit of sports facilities and to create basic conditions for strategically profiled proper development of the youth in the Republic of Macedonia.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the Agency for Youth and Sports invests in the following Municipalities:

1. Makedonski Brod
2. Berovo
3. Pehchevo
4. Valandovo
5. Ilinden
6. Gjorche Petrov (Novo Selo)
7. Cheshinovo-Obleshevo
8. Saraj
9. Demir Hisar
10. Kumanovo
11. Gazi Baba (Madjari)
12. Brvenica
13. Sveti Nikole
14. Lipkovo (Slupchane)
15. Bogovinje (Zherovjane)
16. Probisstip-Zletovo (Zletovo)
17. Kisela Voda
18. Gjorche Petrov
19. Novo Selo
20. Bitola
21. Skopje (Ss Cyril and Methodius University)
22. Shtip (Goce Delchev University)
23. Tetovo (State University)
24. Skopje (Center – Faculty of Physical Education)
25. Skopje (Aerodrom)
26. Skopje (Center)
27. Skopje (Butel)
28. Tetovo (Poroj)
29. Skopje (Radishani)
30. Skopje (Kisela Voda)
31. Mavrovo (Rostushe)
32. Kichevo
33. Skopje (Gazi Baba)
34. Kriva Palanka
35. Strumica (Kuklish)

In the construction of sports theatres with dimensions 48x24m, which are equipped with sports equipment for the following sports: futsal, handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, gymnastics, etc.